Bathymetric / depth survey

Parramatta Dam

This was a bathymetric survey conducted for Parramatta City Council of the Parramatta Dam area between the designated public swim area and the dam wall. The purple area on the left of the contour map is a deep scalloped area adjacent the dam wall, white areas between the thin black outline of the surveyed area and the colored contours were too shallow for even a canoe to navigate.

Parra Dam


Brooklyn Railway Bridge

This was a bathymetric survey conducted for a diving company who were involved in the repair of one of the pylons of the Brooklyn Railway Bridge on the Hawkesbury River. In this case the depth data has been extrapolated to show the highest possible tide this being required to ensure that remedial formwork could not be swamped by the tide. The area in the middle is the outline of the pylon footing.

Brooklyn Railway Bridge