Work Boat:marine survey equipment

5.3m (17ft) de Havilland Titan, 15hp 4 stroke outboard, electric start, power tilt and trim. Light pressed aluminium hull, shallow draft, boat sits flat in the water when underway at survey speeds. Easy to tow long distances, heavy duty trailer with extra guides to aid boat retrieval.


Sokkia Axis 3, GPS, DGPS AMSA beacon network or OmniStar satellite system.

Leica Mx420 / MX421 DGPS AMSA beacon network

Holux puck   GPS / Glonass

side scan survey equipment

Side Scan:

Tritech SeaKing DST, CHIRP centre frequency 300Khz, useful scan width to 200m, tow cable length 150m. Data log format: proprietary Tritech V4Log, export to XTF, TIFF, GeoTIFF & Google Earth KMZ files. We also use a Humminbird unit with down and side imaging, hull mounted transducer, in adverse conditions or as additional information during magnetometer surveys.

SeaSee hydrographic surveys and remote sensingMagnetometer:

Marine Magnetics Sea Spy / Explorer. These mags are used by commercial survey companies all over the world. It utilises an Overhauser sensor which has many favourable attributes. It has a sensitivity an order higher than that of the better proton magnetometers and has no restrictions as to where they are operated. For very shallow waters we use a towed float with the mag slung underneath. We have a demonstrated survey technique methodology, are adept at mag data interpretation and produce magnetic contour maps using Golden Software Surfer software.
ROV Survey


SeaBotix LBV150, depth capability 150m, tether length 175m. Forward facing colour camera and down facing B/W camera. Video output for recording to DVR.