Sonar / Side Scan survey

Lake Jindabyne (NSW)

This man made lake is a flooded valley that had previously been the site of a small town and farms. Side scans of the lake floor reveal the outline of properties, roads and still standing trees.

Jindabyne 2


Murray River (Mildura NSW / Vic border)

This survey was conducted for OEH NSW. Some 70Km of the Murray River either side of Mildura was side scanned from Wentworth through to Red Cliffs over a period of several days. The main parts of the river were scanned single pass with the side scan range set to 100m each side ensuring the whole river width was recorded.

Mildura 2 wrecks 2


Balls Head (Sydney Harbour)

Balls head is a favourite among those trying out their side scan equipment. Just to the south of the end of Balls Head is a deep depression where a number of vessels have been scuttled over time giving the side scan interesting material to look at.

Balls Head 2